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Monday, September 03, 2007

Andate in Pace!...

Finally, I finished, together with my group, our pastoral duties at the parish of St Chiara (St Clare)!
The parish priest wasn't around but there was a replacement priest from the parish of San Gemini who came and celebrated the 10.15 a.m. Mass. It so happened that there was one elderly couple who was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. So, it was quite a diverse piece of celebration that had the main celebrant playing the guitar and singing all the songs/hymns as there weren't any choir around that morning. :-D

If you have to ask if the liturgy was following the required rubrics, just don't! :-D Any purists would just died there and then with the kind of celebration which we had, even though it was still acceptable - to my own personal opinion... ;-)

Whatever the case, we had a simple and yet a very big banquet after the Mass that consist of pasta, tortellini, a breaded meat dish, veg & potatoes, wine, coffee, watermelon (cocomero) and other snacks that were handed out! By the time all was over and when we headed back to the Villa, I was already bloated and sleepy from all that drink and food :-P

For the weeks ahead, it is now full steam towards completing the course that will culminate with a final exam! *shudder*

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Anonymous said...

exams...! wow, now that u said it, i just realised it's been 2 mths! time DOES fly ;)


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