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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Interim Time: YC

The Youth Council (YC) members got together and gave me a farewell dinner over at June's Restaurant (Seafood) this evening. This place is along the Tg Katong Road before the Queen of Peace parish.

It was an enjoyable affair for the food was good and the company pleasant and engaging enough. The youths and young adults that formed the YC had been with me the past 4 years and we saw some interesting times together.

They are a strong and committed people that continue, in their own quiet way, to give opportunities for the youth scene in Holy Family to grow and find its appropriate contribution to the community there.

One member gave me something that came from his father's storeroom which contains many knick knacks. It came from the Phillipines - a GIANT SIZE rosary! Another bought a small little fan that has lights which play on your eyes that can be rather hypnotic if you stare at it too long! :-D

All in all, a good night out after all that running and prepping about. Thank you, guys! I needed that break. Keep the good work going and the YC flag flying! :-D


Anonymous said...

glad to know you had a fun time. thanks for everything you have done for us too, Fr Aloy!

(remember, if you ever need an audience with the Pope, all you need is just to wave your fan...)

Unknown said...

hahahaha! noted! :-D


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