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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Città Eterna!

Buona sera! Come va? :-)
I am now safely sequestered in Collegio St Paolo (St Paul's College) on via Torre Rossa. It's the place where priests under the study scholarship in Rome stay. The other place where this kind of stay is offered is at Collegio St Pietro (St Peter's College). It just so happens that I was sent/assigned here.

So, this is the first entry since I arrived here some three days ago. The trip with Qatar Airways was rather long with a transit of about 2 hours in Doha. I spent the next two days after arriving here recuperating and slowly getting use to the people and environment. First thing you will notice is that the time difference is 6 hours behind Singapore. So the time post you see on this entry is one of evening. Hence 'sera' :-D You were probably sleeping away when I was writing this! :-)

The residents here speak Italian and their own language from where they came from. We have Africans (the most), S Americans, Chinese, Koreans, Indians (just as many), Myanmarese, Vietnamese, Thais, Indonesians and of course your own Singaporeans. I am in the midst of a cosmopolitan group here in this college. I am not that alone though. My classmate from the seminary is here, Fr Stanley Pang. He just finished his second year of Canon Law. He has been 'baby-sitting' me for this week, helping me to familiarise with the place.

I shall have to go for a 3-month Italian language course at Terni (up north) beginning next Monday. A group of us will be heading there and will spent that time to pick up and learn to speak Italian as it is meant to be ;-) During that time, I shall have to do with io, tu, lui, lei, noi, voi and loro. It's back to school for grammar! :-P Hopefully when I return to St Paul's after that stint in Terni, I can order a good cup of kopi and a nice plate of mee pok ta in Italian without blinking an eye! :-D

I shall post up some pics later and there will quite a few as this place and area around here is HUGE! :-) Meanwhile, I had the fortunate time to goover to the Vatican for purpose of opening a bank account there. Being there for the 1st time and looking at the place in all it's realness was quite a breathtaking experience. Unfortunately I did not bring a camera but I should be able to get some pics later as I would be passing by that place now and then. ;-)

So, till the next one, ciao! a presto!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloy,

nice to know that you've reached Collegio St Paolo. Could you post some pics of the celebration solemnity of Sts Peter & Paul? :)

May the Lord continue to guide you during your stay there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloy,

Good morning to you!! Hope you had a good sleep;)

Glad to know that you have had a safe flight/journey to Collegio St Paolo!

Looking forward to see the pics when you load them.

Last but not least, enjoy your time there as a student!

Take care & Regards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. aloy..

which part of rome ar e u in? BTW.. will u take a course in exorcism also? unless the archdiocese here did not send for it..

I heard the course is conducted by the legion of christ (LC) seminary in rome??

Cheers! God Bless You!


guntrain said...

Hi Fr Aloysius, glad to hear you are well and safe. Got a question abt yr Google calendar button. I know how to copy the code of the google calendar and paste onto my blog. hver everytime when a reader wants to see the calendar content of activities and tries to click on it, it will require open up the window requiring the reader to key in the ID & PWD. hver yours doesn't to. Straight away it brings the reader to the calendar page. any idea how is this so where we can forgo having the reader to key in ID and PWD. Many thanks. Gerard

Anonymous said...

Buon pomeriggio, fral! Come stai oggi? :P

Anonymous said...

Glad you're safe in Rome. So, are you celebrating your anniversary with His Holiness and the metropolitan archbishops? Have a blessed day, and many, many more years of fulfilling ministry!

it's all about ~fjm said...

Mamia... thats fast! come stai padre luigi? look forward for you next post till den Ciao Ciao! Pace!

mumbley said...

it sounds all so exciting! have fun! teach me some italian when you get back k? i only know musical terms in italian!

Anonymous said...

Buon quarto annivesario, fral! Dio ti benedica. :)

Anonymous said...

God's peace, joy and love embrace you this day as you celebrate the 4th anniversary of your sacerdotal ordination! :)

Anonymous said...

i have to say this...

indiano!? indiano!? no indiano!! *mumbles in italian*


certain hand signals would be soooooooo useful for you now :P

Unknown said...

to guntrain:

goto Settings
under Calendar Settings, click Calendars
then in that page, click Shared:Edit settings
in that page choose the tab Calendar Details
scroll down that page and look for Calendar Address
choose HTML
get the code
you are done!


guntrain said...

Hi Fr Aloysius, got it. Many thanks.


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