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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ode to Reconciliation

So much pain, so much sorrow
It is more than one can take.
Yet, we persist to wallow,
For we say change is too late.

The reconciliation
A service to heal and cure
Suffers not the penitent,
Never late in joy procure.

His faithfulness and mercy
from Eternity it comes.
Sweeping aside all that be
Our sins the human succumbs.

Redemption sings, rejoices
Clearly our Saviour saving
The lost and weary voices
For Love never stops loving.

(after the 9 pm advent reconciliation service at
church of the holy trinity, tampines, singapore)


Holy Drummer said...

Thanks a lot *fral* =) For calling me to renewal.

Havent kept myself in check~


Young Minstrel said...

Paps u composed?!

*s*haron said...

Hail, our modern day "Shakespeare"! *grin*


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