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Monday, August 29, 2005

We Have A Priest!

Deacon Christopher Lee is now Fr Christopher Lee! He was ordained yesterday in his home parish of Our Lady Star Of the Sea, up at the north district in Yishun. He will continue to serve the parish of Holy Family and not a moment too soon!

He will be an added welcome to the help he can contribute to our already heavy workload that plagues all big parishes, and Holy Family is no exception. Just the whole of last week was one whirlwind of catching up with the work that seemed to rushed in like a flash flood catching me unawares. It didn't help that I was up for celebrating the morning masses for that week. The weekend was worse and I had not too much of any respite even after the last Mass for the day, with Baptism preparations in the afternoon and rushing from here after that to attend the ordination Mass in Yishun.

Managed to hitch a ride in a parishioner's MPV together with 6 other passengers. I had the privilege to be able to sit in front. Well, for what it was worth, my presence in the car was a boon to them in the end as we got to park in the church compound by virtue of the parking space reserved for priests attending the celebration. It was rather amusing, this! (membership has its privileges?...)

For the dinner afterwards, I sat with the seminarians that was close to the washroom nearby. Quite a few parishioners who knew me came by to greet me and talk a bit but I found out soon that it was because they were all heading to the said washroom and because it was crowded, now and then, they were just buying time chatting with me and making faces at the seminarians (much to their amusement). One of the seminarians suggested I should start setting up shop and charge these people 20 cents for entry...

Next week is another ordination. It's Deacon Kenny Tan and I czn only go for the dinner, as I will be celebrating mass next weekend in the parish and preaching. So, if anyone sees a counter there with a 20 cent entry sign to the washroom, well, you know why... *cheshire grin*


Anonymous said...

Did you see Fann Wong at the ordination?

Unknown said...

Was she there?! aaawww shucks, I didn't noticed! :)

Anonymous said...

Her dressing and hair would have been done by DAVID GAN. or maybe Fr Chris hid her in his pocket.

Fann prays to Goddess of Mercy, like our lady. Fr Chris converting her? Leave it to Fr Chris, he can handle her alone. You say you so busy with work. Why you suddenly getting so alert?

Men will always be Men........

Anonymous said...

oh my was she really there? but hell father you would be looking sideways if you had to see her.

but anyway, you had a good view of the priests didn't you?

Jigsawsg said...

And the Catholics consumed shark fins soup again! Alamak!

"When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?"
(Peter, Paul & Mary)

The fishermen in Sri Lanka are rushing out in their boats right now to go finning, grinning and singing (with gusto at the top of their voices)......

"When will they ever learn?
We hope they never learn?"

Perhaps it will all stop when either someone dies of mercury poisoning or all the sharks in the oceans are rotting at the bottom, finless for sure!



Anonymous said...

Men no matter what, from far if they see a sexily dressed woman, even with cataract problem will be able to see well.

Young Minstrel said...

YAAAAAY!!! i can see Paps on Sunday then!!! And then Paps can meet Yi Gor!!! YAAAAY!


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