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Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Rain

It is a wet day today. For the first time in many months I have decided to open the window of my office to let in some fresh cool air after the morning shower.

Someone will be coming in later to see me and I still have about 10 minutes to spare. After the Stikfas mania, it's time for some focusing here on the reality. I must say that I AM enjoying this ride of my life as a priest because it offers opportunities rarely available otherwise. For instance, where else but here that I can be 'thank' for forgetting something (confession, get it?...) and walk all the way to the hospital to find that you are not really wanted yet?...

The possibilities for unexpected rides and having totally engaging discussions on the foibles and praises of daily living are endless.

Opening the window in the morning to let some fresh air in also helps...


Anonymous said...

Fr Aloy, Thks 4 explaining the bible passage to me. Still need TIME. Lunch was damn full. i on verge of going DISNEYLAND. As u are busy and u noe a.f a very full lunch i better keep mself awake ZZZZZZZ.

PEACE to One & All.

Anonymous said...

U Sure Fr Aloy, u WALKED ALL THE WAY TO HOSPITAL or u FLEW there??? St Aloy's Air........

Anonymous said...

Or u juz WAVED YR HAND - For a Cab???

anyway Thk U Very Much 4 getting rid of me ard 5plus. No regrets of attendg Fr PZ's homily sumthing abt FAITH and 2day's 2nd reading for me lah. Fr SP was very nice oso a.f. mass he asked with rgds 2 how my parents are faring mei2 finished NUS, sum1 was a bit surprised. heehee........we said St Anne's prayer in Teochew. Ok lah, in hokkein then i dun noe. Had a LATE DNER now juz waitg 4 my SLEEPG PILL TO TAKE EFFECT & TO DISNEYLAND.

Anonymous said...

i think the question abt "UNDERGRD" came into my thought is because of my visit with you earlier of the week.

anyway juz woke up can't imagine wat's gonna happen next sunday morning??? MISHARONA, Help !!!


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