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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Come Back to the Light!
I amar prestar aen… (The world is changed)
Han mathon ne nen… (I feel it in the water)
Han mathon ne chae… (I feel it in the Earth)
A han noston ned gwilith. (I smell it in the air)

And thus begin the greatest story ever told about elves, dwarfs, men and orcs that highlight the question of good versus evil in Middle Earth. I can't help but feel that it may be the same with the world of ours today. If we are discerning enough with the events and flow of experiences that inundate the lives of people, including ourselves, we may looking at the ways of the world that is careening towards a day that will be the ill for humanity at large.

We are talking too much. We are getting too frivolous and superficial with our sexuality. We are beginning to put a price on almost everything - including life itself. We are getting too big for our boots and getting to the idea that we can play god - even if only for the FUN of it.

We don't pay enough attention to listening to the pulse of our conscience - that there is such a thing as right and wrong. That two wrongs will never make a right. We don't seem have the needed inertia or the steadfastness to stand by our values and beliefs that distinctively sets us apart as Christians. We don't pay attention to one another and take the trouble to understand where each of us are coming from. That deep down inside, we all are capable to love and be loved.

Which is why it may be opportune for us to start exercising some humility this Lent and truly accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and drop all our habits that pander to the works of darkness and arrogance.

Telin le thaed (I have come to help you)
Lasto beth nin. Tolo dan na galad (Hear my voice. Come back to the light)

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