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Monday, October 15, 2001

From Killing to Ring
We are definitely getting closer to the end of 2001. Christmas this year may be a little muted though. The world continues to be uneasy about the continued shelling of Afghanistan. Jihad is also taking an ugly turn of definition - to one from 'striving' to that of 'killing'. All for the name of God. Perhaps Arnie's droid character in T2, on commenting about humans eventually killing one another and wiping themselves out from the face of this earth, may come true after all...

On the more humane front closer to home - Seminary, that is - are 5 stray female puppies up for adoption. They came into the compound last week and are now squatters till someone adopts one or more of them. Any takers? Sent me a note. Sorry, within Spore only. Provide your own transport. Most welcome to view them. No obligations.

Finally, finished an article for the Waypoint magazine on my vocation. It consists of a 3-parter story of which part one will be out next month. Took quite an effort to figure out how to retell, once again, a particular point in time that was almost forgotten in the mist of yesterday. Relieved that I could finish it on time and my sanity intact. But with two more parts to go, I may have to recount more of those 'charming' moments again.

What is taking my attention these days besides my two assignments is the upcoming Christmas release of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'. The trailer is impressive showing great respect and tradition for the original story. I await with bated breath for the legend of Middle Earth to spring into the world of movie magic...

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