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Saturday, July 07, 2001

Kuching, a Priest and Being Lazy...
What a week it had been!

Back from the Land of Cats. The community's outing to Kuching, Sarawak was a blast that saw us at the longhouse, up a mountain (of sorts) and doing the Sumazau. In short, it was one big blast of a party! Aramaite! The residents and formators at St Peter's College did their utmost to ensure that we enjoyed Sarawak even if we only caught a glimpse of it. We walked, we trekked, we danced and not to mention the food, glorious food! Pity we only had four days there... Thanks my friends at St Peter's and people of Kuching!

Another ordination today. Deacon Fred's turn this time. The calling of the priesthood becomes a reality during the laying on of hands by the Archbishop Emeritus later. A new life begins, one that is rather challenging. I wonder, how would I feel to be in this position later, God willing?....

Exhausted after all that travelling and looking forward to what's left of my vacation next week. Melaka suddenly looks very inviting! That's roughly 9 days of total laze-in-the-couch-eat&drink-and-do-nothing time!

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