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Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Prediction! ;-)

A few more hours is only what separates the champion from the World Cup title that begins and ends in Berlin. I was having dinner just now with some parishioner friends and we got a little animated over who we were supporting and want to win.

Over table, there were three Italian supporters (yours truly was one of them) and a French supporter. So, naturally we sort of dominated the situation and spoke about how our favourites could win. I came out with this strategy noting that the French side depended too much on the aging Zizou and therefore he had to be shut-out, i.e. zeroed. So we will send two Italian players to mark him throughout. Then to cancel the threat from Thierry and make him teary, we will send another one Italian player to shadow him.

Finally, to cap it all up, we will send one other Italian player to stand in front of Fabian 'the clown' Barthez and make funny faces at him. Barthez won't be able to resist the temptation to return the compliment and he will forget he is actually the goalkeeper! :-D Then the Italian coach Lippi can yell 'Yippee!' as he sees his team carries the World Cup in all its glory! So, who will win - Italy of France? You know where my vote lie. ;-)

I shall be all groggy and zombified tomorrow. So, please excuse me if I pass you by without recognising your presence... :-P

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