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Monday, June 21, 2010


There is always something nostalgic about heading back to places that you have been before when you were growing up. It shows up the timeline of one's history over the years and how these places have, in one way or another, shape one's life to who one is today

That is the general feeling I usually get when I get back to Malaysia during my leave to be with my kin and family. Such visits isn't always full of excitement and rah-rah fun all the time, as it can be interspersed with some amount of quiet and slow moments, even boredom too. Nonetheless, it is the very act of getting connected with my roots and the echoes of the past that always impressed upon me that I had came from somewhere and now with what I had undergone and experienced, to move towards a future to bring about something worthwhile and good to the world, whatever that may be

There is, however, a little side-effect from it all. It is the realisation that I don't really belong fully to this place anymore and will once again get disconnected whenever I get back to Singapore. That means letting go, of sorts, family and friends who are still around to carry on with their lives as I deal with what is in store for me in my life in the island state.

It's this strange feeling of carrying two different and unique countries in me...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Hope in the Midst of Mourning

I went over to the town of Segamat today to attend to the the funeral of my second aunt who passed away on Sunday. I went up by car with my godmother and the journey there took us about two and a half hours and close to RM50 for toll charges that came along the way. The funeral and all when well, and the celebrants were my uncle (Fr Joseph Pang) and myself, together with the family members whom my second aunt have lived with and brought up over the years.

Being in a place and situation like that have brought back many memories of my own days as a youngster in Segamat where I would spend my childhood holidays there with my cousins and relatives.

What I want to share here is the presence of an opportunity whereby I was made to realize that all that had transpired in the past and the influence of my second auntie in the family environment has brought about fruits and meaning that are, even now, unfolding with promises of exciting challenges for our current generation within the family.

My cousins whom I have spent holiday times when younger are now all grown up and with families and children of their own, the one on top of the list with the most being 5 kids! Our parents are getting older and some are already complaining about ache and pains in this and that joint. Sitting by the table and talking with 4th auntie, I see in her face and with her other remaining sister, features and resemblance that of my own mother, of whom this family she belongs.

All of us have been touched and graced by the presence of 2nd auntie during her living years and we never forgot her culinary speciality of 'choy pau pan', a savoury dumpling made with rice flour with vegetable mix on the inside.

Kajang Mob
The whole event this day, while undeniably sad, was still one that allowed the sense of hope of a future that has great promise and gratitude of what had been given for, to and through this family which I am a good part of. More importantly, it has help me appreciate my own family  (at right) and where I came from and what great treasures may lie ahead on our road towards a greater communion with one another and our God who always looks after His people (in ways sometimes beyond our understanding) with great love that surpasses all our expectation.
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