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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Needed Pause!

It's the Easter break and we are on a two-week holiday! :-)

I'm relieved that we can take time off from our studies awhile as we moved into the celebration of Easter with Holy Week around the corner. The past week was quite trying for me. It was mentally exhausting making those efforts to follow classes where taking notes is all one can do with the professors speaking at a pace which my hand-ear-brain coordination found it already challenging.

So, I have been lazing away since Friday and doing something else which captured my interest - like here. For sure, I will get back to some revision and other assignments which are softly calling out to me. But, in the meanwhile, I shall have my own way in enjoying the holidays a bit....

You may want to consider the following handy suggestion in case any one out there wants to waste some 'quality' time surfing the Net - take 5mins off to fly a paper plane or read up on something 'damn' interesting! ;-)

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