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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Let Me Exprain...

I know we are living in an information age where technology can dazzle us with its offerings of potential power and seemingly limitless possibilities to even play God. However, powerful or God-like - or not - there is this one nagging disposition that it can't seem to put aside or eradicate: they are still able to make us out as fools! ;-)

Let me exprain...

I happened to past by someone talking to himself while sitting by the bench just outside the NTUC outlet near the Marine Parade central area. He was gesticulating wildly and talking rather loudly that anyone within 50m of him is bound to hear gibberish spewing out from him. I was walking home with a friend after dinner and we looked at each other and nodded: handphone, lah! :-)

I can't help but shook my head as I recalled, that before we have such things as handphones, anyone doing what the man just did would be immediately labelled as someone who is halfway to the Woodbridge Hospital (now politically correctly renamed as Institute of Mental Health).

I know handphones are useful items that allow swift and easy communication between people (as well as sacking employees and sending 'luncheon meat'). It is so useful and indispensible that churches now have to deal with this lack of etiquette in handphone usage during Masses (actually it is a saving grace for bored teens in a hopelessly boring sermon... :-D ). But to allow ourselves to be 'controlled' to such an extend that we make complete idiots of ourselves is one step closer to human devolution!

Things were certainly much better before handphone era (BHE)! *sigh* At least then, we could make some fair assumption as to who is off their rocker and who isn't. Today, just about most of our population seems to be flying to the moon! :-P

And you thought Hanyu Pinyin was tough...


Anonymous said...

That post reminds me of this:

Anonymous said...

Yah lor! now us handphone users would like to welcome YOU to the fold.... hehehehe


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